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Ponder likes to visit schools, libraries and conferences. In school visits she shows how pictures tell a story. As an artist in residence she works with children to create the picture part of a story. And with adults she shows the process of creating images that children understand.

School Visits
Ponder has a presentation with slides where she explains how each book requires a different kind of “thinking cap” to make the pictures speak. She includes a drawing demonstration with audience participation and a question and answer period in the end. She will present 3-4 times a day, book signing included. Her honorarium has been discounted to $800.00 per day, traveling expenses extra.

Ponder will present age appropriate projects customized to your student's coriculum. Emphasizing the importance of creating illustrations to help communicate, she has worked on an elementary school level on projects from alphabet books for the youngest to Habitat for Humanity posters for the oldest. A school visit presentation may be included.
Price is negotiable.


Conference Workshops
Ponder will customize her talk to your conference theme. She has spoken about creating the picture side of the story, using details to enhance the words of a book and creating anthropomorphic characters.
Price is negotiable.

Ponder may be contacted for questions or helpful suggestions in preparing for her visit.

Ponder Goembel
P.O. Box 762
Riegelsville, PA 18077
(610) 749-0337
Email: ponder@pondergoembel.com

Ponder Goembel is looking forward to providing your audience with an educational and just-plain-fun experience!

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